The Largest and most experienced martial arts school on the southern oregon coast

Coast Karate is a group of individuals with a common interest in the practice of American Freestyle Karate based on

Tae kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Combat Aikido.

We come from many walks of life with a wide range of experiences, this enables us to give a well-rounded, diverse instruction base. 

We are sure that our enthusiasm and love for Martial Arts will transfer to our students.  We are grateful for the opportunity to instruct you in our safe and encouraging environment.

Our Instructors:

James Long

Mr. Long is a life-long Martial Artist with over ten years experience teaching and counseling students. He is currently a 4th degree black belt. Using positive reinforcement and constant encouragement, his adult and youth students walk away feeling self-confident and educated in their art.  

Rick Stillwagon

Mr. Stillwagon has been a dedicated student of martial arts for 35 years.   He is currently a 6th degree Black Belt.  The goal for his classes is for each student to learn and grow a little more.  Martial Arts help keep him staying mentally and physically sharp.  In his spare time, Mr. Stillwagon enjoys woodworking, metalworking, aquaculture, permaculture and researching alternative energy.

Steven Daily

Mr. Daily has been studying Martial Arts for 12 years.  He is a 1st degree black belt.  His favorite part of martial arts is interacting with people, physical fitness,  self defense and seeing the growth in his students.  His class room goal is that everyone earn something and enjoy themselves.  In his spare time, Mr. Daily enjoys science and playing the drums.

Doug Coughlin

 Mr. Coughlin's love for martial arts has been a dedicated life-long pursuit.  He is a third degree black-belt.  Mr. Coughlin has also achieved a blue belt in Akido and Arnis Stick Fighting.  For Mr. Coughlin the most gratifying part of being an instructor is watching the magic moment when  student "get's it"and knowing that he was instrumental in helping them achieve that goal. 

Scott Fischer

Mr. Fischer has been studying martial arts for 9 years.  He is a 1st degree black belt.   He enjoys being able to defend himself and passing that knowledge and confidence on to his students.  In addition to Tae Kwon Do, Mr. Fischer enjoys studying weaponry, Tai chi and cooking for his family.

Christey Reiss

Ms. Reiss is a life long martial arts enthusiast and currently holds a 2nd degree black belt.  She brings a tough love mix of strict discipline and doting to her students.  Her classes have a positive learning environment without sacrificing the eagerness and fun.

305 4th St.  Coos Bay, or  97420  541-266-8111