The Largest and most experienced martial arts school on the southern oregon coast

Coast Karate Creed:


Being humble and unassuming


Being Polite and Respectful


Doing the Right Thing Always


Never Giving Up

Indomitable Spirit

Never Wanting to Give Up

Coast Karate policies:

When entering and leaving the mat area, please bow with respect.

Shoes must be removed before entering the mats.

Respect other peoples property and belongings.

Your uniform must always be kept neat and clean.

Practice good personal hygiene, toenails and fingernails must be kept neat and trimmed.

Remove jewelry before entering the mats.

Respect the class that is in session, lower the volume of your conversation, remain off the teaching area until your class begins, quietly prepare yourself for class.

Give your instructor your attention at all times while in class.

No obscene or vulgar language while in the school.

All students should be on time for class.  If you arrive late, you must get permission before entering class.

If you must leave the class, please get permission first.

Free sparring is not allowed without permission from the instructor.

Techniques taught in class are not to be applied out of the class unless situations involving your safety or the safety of others are overriding.  You should always avoid or walk away from an adverse situation whenever possible.

Every student is subject to the school's policies.

If there is inclement weather, please call the school to check if class will be held.

If you re entering our school with an existing belt, you will be ranked and tested by our instructors to see what your belt level will be at Coast Karate.

305 4th St.  Coos Bay, or  97420  541-266-8111